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  • A black coil of PVC coated wire and a yellow coil of PVC coated wire are on the white background.
  • A small coil of black and yellow pvc coated wires on gray background.
  • A roll of PVC coated chain link fence on white background
A black coil of PVC coated wire and a yellow coil of PVC coated wire are on the white background.

Colourful PVC Coated Wire for Protective Fences in Various Scenes

PVC coated wire can be made by low carbon steel wires or galvanized steel wires. The wires are coated firmly and uniformly with a thick layer of PVC through extrusion, making the PVC coated wire both an attractive wire with colorful and enhancing life span of the wire. The PVC layer is anti-aging, anti-corrosion and UV resistance.

The PVC coated wires are available in various colors, popular colors are green, blue, gray and yellow. Other colors are customized according to customers' requirements.

The PVC coated wires are mostly used in mesh weaving, it can also be used in agriculture and construction applications.

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  • Material: low carbon steel wire or galvanized steel wire.
  • Coating material: UV resistance PVC granules.
  • Core wire diameter: 0.6–4.0 mm (BWG 23 to BWG 8)
  • Outside diameter: 0.9–5.0 mm (BWG 20 to BWG 7)
  • PVC coating: the lowest coating 0.3 mm.
  • Wire color: green, blue, gray, yellow and other customized colors.
Common Specifications of PVC coated Wire
Core Wire Diameter (mm) Outside Wire Diameter (mm)
0.6 0.9
0.8 1.2
1.0 1.4
1.4 2.0
2.0 3.0
2.5 3.5
3.0 4.0
4.0 5.0

Production Flow Chart

A axis of galvanized steel wire in the workshop. Step 1

Galvanized wire material

A pile of green and a pile of gray PVC granules on the table. Step 2

PVC granules material

A machine is producing PVC coated wire through extrusion. Step 3


The PVC coated wires in the cooling water channel. Step 4


A axis of green PVC coated wires in the workshop. Step 5


  • Made using improved quality PVC granules that resistance to sun's UV rays and weather conditions.
  • Produced in various different colors.
  • PVC quality and flexibility is the ideal property for mesh weaving.
  • Core wire can be low carbon steel wire and galvanized steel wire.
  • Blend with surrounding environments.
  • Can be used in harsh environments.
  • PVC coated wires are widely used for weaving meshes and fences, such as chain link fence, gabions and chicken wires.
  • PVC coated wires are used in wire hanger or handicraft production.
  • It can also be used in daily life binding and industrial tying.
A piece of green PVC coated chain link fence.

Chain link fence

A piece of green PVC coated boarder fence.

garden boarder fence

Several concrete bars are tying with yellow-green PVC caoted wires.

Binding wires

Several wire hangers on the shelf.

Wire hanger

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