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Welding process requirements for electric welding steel mesh

Because the quality of the welded steel mesh is first and foremost, only the welding process is improved, and the quality of the product will be very good, but different manufacturers will also have great differences in the welding process. First of all, the form of welding can be very different. Some manufacturers use spot welding technology, and some custom wire mesh fence factory use it. Surfacing technology is surfacing technology. Although surfacing is strong, it also depends on which technique the manufacturer uses. If the welding technology is not high, even if added together, it is difficult for users to be satisfied with the strength of the product.

The equipment used in the welding of rebar meshes can vary greatly. Small manufacturers are still welding by hand. They will be handmade because they are soldered by themselves. One is that it is not standard and cannot guarantee the same welding position. Also because of the difference in manual technology, there will be a lot of quality differences in the welding part. In contrast, advanced manufacturing automation welding, because of better equipment, so Welding not only looks good, but also improves its steadiness because of its automatism.

Therefore, in the welding process of welded wire mesh sheets, due to the different equipment, there will also be a lot of quality differences. Finally, in welding, the design of the welding point will have different designs, because the overlay welding is not only harmful, Material is also wasted to a large extent, so now it is usually used in spot welding technology, but in spot welding. In this process, it needs to design its solder joints, where it is the force, and where it can make it more Ok stay connected and so on.

Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Welded Wire Mesh Panel

What are the advantages of welding steel mesh in use? Everyone knows that the welded steel mesh has brought many benefits to users in use. It's just that people who have not used welded steel meshes naturally don't know what advantages it has.

The welded steel mesh can use many man-hours for lowering the reinforcement device, which is beneficial to avoid the occurrence and development of concrete cracks and reduce the appearance of concrete. Folding, deformation and slippage can reduce the cost of steel bar projects by about 10%.

Because of the high strength, large shrinkage, and flexible deformation of the cement mortar in the welded steel mesh, it directly acts on the outside of the thermal insulation layer, which has poor weather resistance and causes cracking. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to choose a special anti-crack mortar and supplemented with a reasonable reinforcement mesh-adding steel wire mesh to the cement anti-crack mortar, and the anti-corrosion hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh should be used for the barbed wire. On the galvanized barbed wire, 80mm long expansion bolts are inserted into the outer wall in the form of plum piles (with a distance of 50cm), and then the welded wire mesh is made into an anti-seepage and crack-resistant mortar, which is used for facing brick construction.